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This is Dehors Traveller

About Me: Hi! I’m Dave and I’m the writer/photographer behind Dehors Traveller, the ultimate outdoor travel blog for adventure seekers. Dehors is a French word that means outdoor or outside. And that’s exactly what I love to do: explore the world outside of my comfort zone.

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How about The Beginning of My Journey!

I grew up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, a region of natural beauty and cultural charm. But I spent most of my adult years in Montreal, working in various fields like tech, insurance, and health care. As a city dweller, I always had a longing for the outdoors, the freedom, and the adventure that I remembered from my childhood.

That’s why, in December 2020, I made a bold decision to leave my job as a claim adjuster and follow my dream of travelling the world. I got rid of most of my stuff, packed a backpack, a camera and a laptop, and flew to the Azores with no return ticket.

That was the start of my instagram account, where I document my journeys. Later, I also launched Dehors Traveller, a blog where I share my stories, photos and tips from my outdoor adventures around the globe. One of my proudest achievements was attempting the longest trail in the world, the Trans Canada Trail.

How about The Future of My Project!

On Dehors Traveller, you will find inspiring and informative articles about outdoor travel, adventure, and lifestyle. You will also find stunning photos and videos that capture the beauty and diversity of nature.

You will also find practical tips and guides on how to plan, prepare, and enjoy your outdoor trips. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a beginner, you will find something that suits your needs and interests.

You will also find a curated selection of outdoor gear, clothing, and accessories that I personally use and recommend.

Soon, you’ll be able to shop from my online store and get the best deals and quality.

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